Customers reviews

Speaking of OOTD. I love my transaction with Cat Spy. Items were as described, they even exceeded my expectation. This is the first time I ordered online where I’m truly satisfied with what I’ve received.
Jordi Hunneman
Fashion Blogger
I wonder why this website is so underrated. I think they can compete with the biggest brands in clothing. I’ll definitely share the good experience I had with you guys.
Loïs Hiemstra
Loïs Hiemstra
Fashion Model
First of all, I want to say thank you. Not only you offer quality pieces of clothing, but you also provide great service. Thank you for fixing the issues of my order. You can expect me to order from you again. For now, let me enjoy these clothes I bought from you.
Erin Staller
Fashion Designer
I thought they are just another brand to wear. They go beyond the brand and provide customers with awesome collections that you could use like for years. Their clothing pieces don’t go out of style. I would say this company would grow big if they continue what they are doing.
T. van Eersel
Vicky van Eersel
Social Influencer
This probably the best wardrobe collection I ever had. What I like about them is the versatility of the outfits. You can wear them almost anywhere. The fabric they use is super comfortable. I highly recommend them for ladies like me who likes to be comfy and stylish at the same time.
Annemiek Tepper
Annemiek Tepper