How to Slay in Fashion


There is no holy grail in how to slay your own style. But at least there are tips and tricks in guiding you on how to do it. The following tips were gathered from stylist and famous fashion designers.

Don’t Be Triggered By The Red Tag

saleWhat happens when you see the four-letter word “sale”? Normally, our impulse will compel us to check it out. We enter the store and voila, we know that we won’t come out empty handed. Don’t be triggered by the red tag when you know that you’ll be completely broke and won’t even able to afford cheap night in Amsterdam and must see sights. Besides, the red tag makes our mind clouded. Only buy fashion pieces that truly are worth it.

Don’t be Afraid to Experiment

It’s good to look for inspiration. But it’s also fun to find it out by yourself. The experiment part will teach you about yourself. You’ll know more about what you want and what you don’t want. You’ll be more specific in determining your preferred style. You’ll know which pieces describe the most about you. The process will slowly introduce you to your personal style. It will be less hard to choose which clothes to wear for a casual day in boat rental Amsterdam or a special occasion doing Amsterdam city tour review on your vlog post.

Know Your Body Shape

Knowing your body shape helps you determine which clothes flatter your body. You can avoid clothes that make you look heavier. With all the fashion trend, it feels like we are in the Amsterdam zoo. It’s so confusing about what to buy. But when you know which are good for you, it becomes easier, you make fewer mistakes in your purchases.


Fashion Will be Useless Without Confidence

Models are paid a surprisingly huge amount of money just to walk in the runaway. You might think that it is because they are flawless, tall, slim and with beautiful faces. They got the opportunity because they are confident. They kept on auditioning until they get what they want – just like the targeted web traffic. In fashion, it’s the same thing. No matter how beautiful your outfit is, if you have no confidence, it means nothing.

5 comments on “How to Slay in Fashion


Guilty of “don’t be triggered by the red tag”. I agree with this point. Most of the clothes I bought because they were on sale were the ones I sent away.


I totally agree with knowing your body shape. It makes all the difference. Wearing the clothes appropriate for your shape flatters your body and accentuates your assets.


Be confident no matter what you wear. You are more than the dress that you wear.


In fashion, the rule of thumb is ‘Less is More’. It’s amazing how you can incorporate colors and textures without clashing.


Fashion has been and always will be a good source of income for most artistic and crafty people.


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