Outfit-Ready for The Cold Season

Are you ready for the cold season? Good news, you can be stylish even in the cold season. Let us help you get ready. This is a list of great pieces you should have in your wardrobe before the cold season hit us.


If you want to spend a cosy walk outside during fall or wondering what to do in Amsterdam cultural sights, a good sweater might be the perfect outfit to do just that. You can choose among these kinds of sweaters that match your mood and style: Cowl-Neck Sweater, Poncho Sweater, Wrap Sweater, and Turtle Neck Sweater.

Scarves and Shawls

They may be just extra items to add in your wardrobe, but adding it to your OOTD makes a huge difference in your style. Since they don’t take too much space in your wardrobe, you can have at least three pieces of them. You can choose between printed, plain, and textured scarves and shawls. It’s your call which is the best for your outfit.

A Good Coat

The coat is a great accessory. It can make a boring outfit into an extraordinary one. Coats of your choice do say something about you. You may need to invest good money to get quality coats. But with proper care, this coat can last for years. We don’t normally advise to spend on clothing, but if there is a piece that you should, it would be a good coat. Besides, you can save for it. Make some changes to how you spend like going to Amsterdam hotels cheap instead of luxury hotels.


Stylish Pair of Boots

Boots are made for walking. They are timeless pieces that you can mix-and-match with your outfits. Get quality boots for that extra protection against the cold. One thing you need to also consider in buying a pair of boots aside from the style is how comfortable they are. We made this serious mistake before, buying boots without really considering if there were comfortable. The end result, those boots remained on our shoe rock collecting dust. Your feet will thank you. Amsterdam canal tour and indoor attractions is going to be more fun if you have comfortable boots to take you where you want to go.

5 comments on “Outfit-Ready for The Cold Season


I still remember when I was still a student, I saved up my allowance just to buy an elegant coat. I still have the coat up to this day.


Boots are made for walking. Did you get this line from a song?


Thank you for this article. I’ll be doing some major changes in my closet.


The best thing to do if you choose to get into a minimalist lifestyle is to clean out your closet. LOL


Thanks for sharing such a very informative post. Also, the suggested styles are so fabulous, love it!


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