Your Wardrobe Must Haves

Your wardrobe tells something about you. But let us tell you that spending too much money on clothes is bad for your finances. Be smart about your spending. Invest in classic, timeless pieces that are stylish and sophisticated. You could never go wrong with these pieces of clothing.

The Perfect Fit White Shirtwhite shirt

When we say perfect fit, it should embrace your curves the right way. It should be not too tight nor too loose. A round neck might be better because it can match any blazers and other tops that you want to wear with it. We love wearing our favorite white shirt anywhere. It can be worn plain or add a jacket on top, or just wear it your statement accessories.  Avail of promotion code visa for your online purchases to get discounts.

The Little Black or Red Dress

Wear your favorite little black dress for occasions where you want to feel sophisticated and elegant, but for occasions where you want to stand out, wear your little red dress. These two pieces are prevalent in online shops voucher codes and rewards card promo so spending too much is not necessary. All you need is to get the perfect fit, and you’re all set.

black dress

High Waist Pants

High waist pants will never go out of style. You can pair it with your favorite shirt with a statement bag, and you’re good to go. It makes you slimmer than you look emphasizing your curves. Another way to level up this look is to wear a short jacket. Also, we suggest that you wear heels, so your legs would appear longer.

Custom-fit Blazersblazers

We have unique bodies and shape. Your blazer should match your body type. We’ll discuss this more on our next blog. Finding a custom-fit blazer is quite difficult, and going to a tailor might cause you some big bucks. Our tip, go for online stores that offer promo code for precise measurements and don’t forget to shop online using discounts.

3 comments on “Your Wardrobe Must Haves


This makes me sad because the little black dress I used to love no longer fit


I love high waist pants. I can wear hanging tops and match it with my high waist pants. That’s the look I will go on a casual day.


White shirts are so underrated. In fact, 50% of my clothes are white shirts.


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